Man carrying a briefcase to his car parked in a lot managed by Premium Parking

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A Business Parking Account is the easiest way to provide parking for your clients and customers. Open up a free business account today and take advantage of several parking solutions that add real value.

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All Access Parking

Login to your Business Account and get private access to our network of parking locations at your convenience, 24/7. You can book parking on behalf of your customer without entering any payment information. Billing is based on our Pay as you go validations system. We bill you based on your usage.

Parking lot with graphics representing Premium Parking's parking reservation feature

Parking Reservations

Reservation booking system for your customers. Give your customers the convenience of paying upfront with no extra costs and knowing exactly where they are supposed to go to park and be on their way to visit your business.  

Graphic representation of a website built by Premium Parking for its business clients

Customizable Webpage

Customizable business webpage to show nearby parking options. Let us create a unique web page specific to your business that will include an image and branding of your choice, along with a map and list of the closest parking options.

Visual representation of the validation process offered by Premium Parking


Have the option of giving your clients or employees validations for outdoor lots or garages. Order pre-paid validation tickets to use at any of our garages or pre-paid coupon codes to use at any of our outdoor pay machines.

Open a Business Account Today.