View of the front of three cars parked in a Premium Parking lot

Delivering value. Case by case.

Piazza D' Italia

We took this parking lot over from Central Parking in June of 2008 and have increased revenues 26 percent. By operating within our base operating principals and marketing the facility we have increased their rent by almost 50% annually. The increase even made it in the Times Picayune.

Regis Property

We took over a portfolio of properties owned by Regis Property Management of Dallas Texas in New Orleans. The portfolio consisted of 3 garages and one flat lot, approximately 1,800 parking spaces. Our first month of operation transient revenues were up 140%." So far so good. Premium has delivered what they said they would. Dramatically higher revenue and profits, greatly improved revenue control systems, cleaner facilities and attention to detail that has gotten our facilities looking professional. Premium certainly was not as large as our last operator, but being able to deal directly with the owner of the company is great in getting things done. I highly recommend Premium Parking." Rick Conley, Regis Property Management

Contemporary Arts Museum

Premium took over the parking for the Contemporary Arts Museum in 2006. When we gave them their percentage rent check, they couldn't believe how much it was. Expecting a small check we gave them a check for 90% more in overage rent, going to 500% more the next year."Since starting our contract with Premium Parking, we have seen our parking revenue increase dramatically. Not only has our profit grown each year, it's been a pleasure working with you and your staff."Mr. Jay Weigel, Contemporary Arts Center